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3 Most Popular Cell Phone Repair Services

Common Phone Repairs

Mobile phones are intricate electronic devices composed of many small, delicate internal parts. So, it makes sense that smart phones are often in need of repair. Here are the 3 most common repair issues we help customers with at Easy Phone Repairs:

  1. Cracked, Shattered or Damaged Screen Repair: iPhone screen repair and replacement jobs are the most common cell phone repair service we perform. Because smart phone screens are larger than ever before, there is more surface area to crack or scratch and screens are more expensive than ever as well. Easy Phone Repairs performs screen repairs and replacements in Bryan, College Station, and Huntsville utilizing top quality glass, digitizers, and screen assemblies.
  2. Charge Port Repair: Charge ports are a part of your smartphone that see very frequent use. There is wear and tear every time you plug in your iPhone or cell phone and unplug it. Often, the charging port will fail prior to the rest of your phone. If your phone is not taking a charge, the phone repair team at Easy Phone Repairs can fix it.
  3. Crashed Operating System/Software: When your phone is not working and you don't know why, you could have operating system or software issues. Sometimes the issue is a combination of failed hardware and crashed or virus infected software. Whatever the case, your best bet is to let the phone repair techs at Easy Phone fix it.