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Bryan, Texas iPhone Repair Review: iPhone 8 battery last longer now than when it was new

My wife's iPhone 8 battery was only lasting a few hours on a full charge, so we suspected that the battery needed to be replaced. We made an appointment at Easy Phone Repairs to have them check the phone out and change the battery if needed. We arrived at the time of the appointment and they took us right away. They examined the phone and showed us that the battery did need to be replaced as we thought. They took the phone in the back and in about 15 minutes later returned the phone with a new battery. They said it was a higher capacity battery than the original, and that we would notice the difference. Sure enough, my wife has been using the phone the past few days and the battery lasts longer now than when it was new.

They folks at Easy Phone Repairs were pleasant and helpful, the phone works perfectly, and the price was very reasonable. We will certainly use them again if we have any phone issues.