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Easy Phone Repairs Makes Custom Screen Protectors for your iPhone, Cell Phone, Tablet, Watch, or Handheld Game System

Axiom Armor
Easy Phone Repairs professionally installs Custom Axiom Armor™ Classic ScreenFilm™ screen protectors. These glossy, flexible hydrogel screen protectors are custom cut to fit your for phone, tablet, wearable, or handheld game system. Axiom Armor™ Classic ScreenFilm™ offers best-in-class protection against premature wear, scratches, and damage to your device. ScreenFilm™ is a Hydrogel, chemically-enhanced material whose properties include scratch resistance, elasticity, oil and grease resistance and increased toughness. It has built-in molecular properties that give it self-healing capabilities. Axiom's ScreenFilm™ can even be installed over curved screens and in-screen fingerprint readers. Not only does ScreenFilm™ provide excellent impact protection in an invisible way, it is also smooth to the touch and feels like glass. This allows input devices like Samsung’s S-Pen and Apple’s Apple Pencil to glide across the protected surface area without resistance.