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Have a water damaged phone? What to do if your cell phone is submerged in liquid

Water Damage Phone Repair in Bryan - College Station

Did you drop your phone in the toilet? In a puddle? Was it in your pocket when you jumped in the pool? Water damage can cause your phone's internal electronic components to stop working. Water damage can not only render your cell phone inoperable, it can wipe away your data.

Following are a few tips to minimize the damage if your phone sustains water damage:

1. Get the device out of the water and dry it with a towel immediately.

2. Remove the phone's battery if possible.

3. Remove your phone's sim card and the memory card, and any peripherals that may be connected to the device.

4. Submerge the phone in an absorbent material like rice overnight.

5. Wait a minimum of 24 hours prior to attempting to turn on the phone.

If the phone is not functioning properly after it has dried out, call 979-383-4321 to contact Bryan - College Station's water damaged phone repair experts at Easy Phone Repairs.