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Frequently Asked Questions | iPad Repair

iPad Repair in Bryan and College Station

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Frequently Asked iPad Screen Repair Questions

Can you fix a broken screen on an iPad?

Yes. iPad screens can be repaired or replaced depending on the damage. As long as there is no other damage, your iPad can function as goos as new after a screen replacement.

How much does it cost to replace an iPad screen?

If you have AppleCare or an iPad that is under factory warranty, screen replacement could be free in some cases. If you do not have AppleCare or warranty coverage (or if the damage involved is not covered by warranty/AppleCare), the Apple store charges from $199 to $599 to fix a broken iPad screen. Independent repair shops use high-quality replacement screens and back them with a warranty for a fraction of the cost of a similar repair at Apple.

How long does it take to replace an iPad screen?

Easy Phone Repairs fixes iPads fast. While some shops in the Bryan-College Station can take over a week to complete iPad repairs, most of ours are done the same day. The reasons we are able to do repairs so much faster than local competitors are that we stock replacement screens for iPads (no need to special order) and we always have someone on the schedule who can fix iPads (some shops only have iPad qualified techs on certain days).

Frequently Asked iPad Battery Replacement Questions

How long does it take to have my iPad battery replaced?

In most cases, Easy Phone Repairs can test your iPad battery for free to diagnose any issues and then replace your iPad battery, all in about half an hour.

Can replacing my iPad battery give me more battery capacity than when it was new?

Yes. The replacement iPad batteries most of out customers choose add 15-20% battery capacity, translating into hours more battery life than when the device was brand new.

My iPad is charging slowly and/or not holding a charge. Is this a battery issue?

It could be a bad battery causing your iPad to charge slowly or not hold a charge. It could also be an issue with the device's integrated circuits that regulate charging. Sometimes plugging into non-Apple chargers can cause these issues. We can test your battery and replace it if that's the issue. If your iPad has other issues, our techs are qualified to make those repairs as well.

Frequently Asked iPad Charge Port Replacement Questions

My iPad is not charging. Do I need a need charge port?

Not necessarily. It may be the case that all your Apple iPad charging port needs is a professional cleaning. If cleaning your charging port solves your charging issues with no repair needed, there's no charge for the service at Easy Phone Repairs.

How long does it take to replace an iPad charge port?

Easy Phone Repairs can replace your iPad charging port in under an hour for most iPad models.