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Microsolder Repair Specialists in Bryan, College Station, and Huntsville, Texas

Microsoldering in Bryan College Station


Smart phone screen lose touch functionality? Tablet have a dim backlight? Disappearing display? Micro soldering, soldering components so tiny that they can only be viewed with a microscope, can fix these problems and more at a cost far less expensive than replacing the device or an entire logic board. Easy Phone Repair's micro-soldering professionals can perform logic board repair service for all mobile devices and computers, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, PCs, and Android Devices. Component level repair is something most phone and computer repair shops can't do, but we specialize in these repairs. Soldering, circuit schematics, microscopes, oscilloscopes, and hours of training allow our repair techs to achieve a 90% success rate in board-level repairs to phones, tablets, gaming systems, and computers. By fixing your device rather than simply replacing components, we save you money and help save natural resources. Replacing circuit boards and electronic components is expensive. Often, such replacements are equivalent to a price of a new phone, tablet, laptop, etc. We avoid replacements by actually performing repairs to malfunctioning components. Many of the big service centers like the Apple Genius Bar and Best Buy Geek Squad do not even replace parts in computers or laptops onsite the same day. They certainly don't repair integrated circuit boards, capacitors, and electronic components. Those places just do not have the knowledgeable staff to do it. Even if they did, the truth is that they aren’t really interested in repairing your laptop or computer.They will tell you your device is toast. They often give you an astronomically high price quote for repairs and at the same time offer you a new device that is on sale. If you do get a repair, big box retailers will often make you wait days if not weeks for your repair to be completed. Our competition, the other Bryan-College Station and Huntsville phone, tablet, and computer repair shops, will often fix the device by replacing parts, which is pricier than fixing the part. Some other local repair shops don’t even touch your complicated device repairs, they simply send them out for repair to a third party. At Easy Phone, we specialize in same day and next day repairs.