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Frequently Asked Cell Phone Repair Questions

What kind of cell phones does Easy Phone Repair in Bryan, College Station, and Huntsville fix?

Our phone repair techs can fix your Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, LG, Motorola, Sony, ZTE, Nokia, ASUS, or Huawei phone. If you need iPhone repair, you've found the right shop. Our phone repair techs are iPhone experts.

Does your shop perform a full range of cell phone repair services?

From cracked screen replacement to logic boards, Easy Phone's cell phone repair techs are experts in repairing your Android devices. We can handle charger port issues, battery replacement, water damage repair, and more...

Frequently Asked Cell Phone Screen Repair Questions

My screen is cracked/not working! Can Easy Phone Repairs fix my screen here in Bryan, College Station, or Huntsville?

Does your cell phone repair shop use the best replacement parts available in terms of quality?

We use the best quality screens and parts available, OEM when possible. When OEM replacement parts are not obtainable, we use parts of the same or higher grade materials and manufacturing specifications.

How fast can Easy Phone fix my screen?

We can complete many screen repairs in under half an hour at our Bryan - College Station shop or at the location of your choice in Huntsville, Texas.

Frequently Asked Cell Phone Back Glass Replacement Questions

I have taken my phone to some shops in Bryan-College Station or Huntsville who can't replace my back glass or quote a very high price. They say the glue is too strong on newer phones, iPhones especially. Can Easy Phone Repairs replace my back glass?
Easy Phone Repairs has a laser machine to quickly and safely remove and replace the back glass on the newest iPhone and Android models like the Nokia 8 Sirocco, Sony's Xperia XZ2, ZTE's latest Blade V9, Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S9 devices, and the Asus Zenfone 5.

How long will it take to replace my cell phone back glass?

We can often complete back glass replacements on the same day. Back glass repairs take over an hour to complete, so we recommend dropping your phone off at our Bryan - College Station shop or letting us pick up and return your phone to you at the location of your choice in Brazos County or Walker County.

Frequently Asked Cell Phone Battery Replacement Questions

Is it true that Easy Phone Repairs will test my cell phone battery for free?

Yes! Easy Phone Repairs can test your battery for free to diagnose any issues.

How long will it take to replace the battery in my phone?

If your cell phone battery or iPhone battery does need replacement, we can usually do it in about half an hour.

Will my cell phone have more battery capacity than new after Easy Phone Repairs puts in a brand new cell phone battery?

We install technologically-advanced Ampsentrix Plus cell phone and iPhone batteries with a core technology that delivers more energy storage capacity than your phone had when it was new.