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Frequently Asked Questions | iPhone Repair

iPhone repair in Bryan and College Station, Texas

What iPhone models does Easy Phone Repairs fix?

Frequently Asked iPhone Screen Repair or Replacement Questions

How long does it take to get my iPhone screen replaced?

The Easy Phone Repairs team can repair or replace your cracked, shattered, or malfunctioning iPhone screen in under half an hour.

Frequently Asked iPhone Back Glass Replacement Questions

How long does it take to replace the back glass on my iPhone?

Back glass repairs take over an hour to complete, so we recommend dropping your phone off at our Bryan - College Station shops or letting us pick up and return your phone to you at the location of your choice in Bryan, College Station, or Huntsville, Texas. Easy Phone Repairs has a laser machine to quickly and safely remove and replace the back glass on the newest iPhone models which is much faster than DIY or shops without a laser machine.

Frequently Asked iPhone Battery Replacement Questions

How much does Easy Phone charge to test iPhone batteries?

Easy Phone Repairs can test your battery for free to diagnose any issues.

How long does it take to replace an iPhone battery?

If your iPhone battery does need replacement, we can do it in about half an hour.

Can Easy Phone install an iPhone battery with more capacity than my iPhone originally came with?

Easy Phone often installs Ampsentrix Plus batteries with an advanced core technology that delivers more capacity (battery life) than when your iPhone was brand new.

What kind of warranty is offered with your replacement iPhone batteries?

The batteries we install are backed with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Frequently Asked iPhone Wireless Charging Repair Questions

Which iPhones come equipped with wireless charging capability?

iPhone 8 and newer models come equipped with Qi wireless charging capability.

What should I do if my iPhone is not charging wirelessly?

If your phone's wireless charging functionality is working slower than normal, or not charging at all, the iPhone repair experts at Easy Phone Repairs can help. Call or text 979-383-4321.

Frequently Asked iPhone Charge Port Replacement Questions

How much does Easy Phone Repairs charge to clean an iPhone charging port?

If cleaning your charging port solves your charging issues with no repair needed, there's no charge for the service.

How long does it take to have my iPhone charge port replaced at Easy Phone Repairs?

If your phone still fails to charge after cleaning the port and a full array of battery and board diagnostics, Easy Phone Repairs can replace your charging port in under an hour for most iPhone models.

Frequently Asked iPhone Front or Rear Camera Replacement Questions

Can Easy Phone replace the bezel, glass, and lenses on my iPhone cameras, or will I be stuck buying a whole new camera module for a bent bezel or scratched lens?

Easy Phone Repairs can fix both front and rear iPhone camera modules as well as the glass that covers your back camera. We save you money by individually replacing the bezels and lenses if possible rather than defaulting to a replacement of the complete camera module.

Frequently Asked iPhone Power and Volume Button Repair Questions

What can I do if my iPhone will not turn on or if my volume buttons stop working?

If your phone will not power up or the volume won't adjust because of a malfunctioning button, our iPhone power and volume button repair services can help.

How long does iPhone power and volume button take?

Easy Phone Repairs can fix most iPhone power and volume button issues on the same day. If not, we can give you a free loaner phone.

Frequently Asked iPhone Speaker Repair Questions

Can the loudspeaker in my iPhone be repaired or replaced?

We can repair your iPhone stereo speakers. If your speaker doesn't play sound, or skip, or makes a crackling noise, our professional technicians can repair or replace your iPhone speakers.

How do replacement iPhone speakers compare to Apple OEM?

Our iPhone repair experts specialize in making iPhone speakers work again or replacing them with OEM-spec parts.

Frequently Asked iPhone Tristar and Tigris Chip Repair Questions

What causes Tigris and Tristar chip failure?

Tristar and Tigris chip failure happens when iPhones are connected to charger cables and adapters that are not factory recommended.

What is a Tigris or Tristar chip?

Basically, there are an integrated circuits (ICs) on the motherboard that are known as the “Tristar” and "Tigris" chips that control the charging function of the phone along with USB data transfer functionality.

What iPhone models have Tigris and Tristar issues?

All iPhone models made since iPhone 6 are vulnerable to Tristar and/or Tigris chip damage.

Can iPhone Tristar and Tigris chips be repaired?

Not all shops have the tools and skills to repair a Tigris or Tristar issue. It requires replacing an integrated circuit on your iPhone's motherboard. Easy Phone uses micro-soldering equipment and microscopes to perform expert-quality iPhone Tristar and Tigris chip repair.