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Water Damage Repair


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Getting your iPhone, cell phone, tablet, or computer wet is one of the worst things that can happen to it. First. Water damage is one thing that can absolutely destroy iPhones and other electronic devices. Liquid damage is not covered by warranties from Apple, Samsung, and other manufacturers, so it's a problem that cannot be addressed for free.

Cell Phone Water Damage Repair and Data Recovery

Even though your iPhone or other brand of smartphone may be under warranty, Apple and other manufacturers will not replace the phone if there is water damage. Manufacturers can easily spot water damaged phones when processing warranty claims. For example, in the iPhone there are four sensors. They turn pink if the iPhone was submerged in water. If any of these sensors are pink, Apple will not replace the phone. Curious about the odds that we can help you can save a wet phone? Typically, we can fix or recover data from a little more than half of the water damaged phones that are brought in. The water damage recovery cost varies depending on the damage done. For under $50, we can run diagnostics on most devices to ascertain if they can be saved. In the case that we cannot repair the damage, we offer used iPhones and Android devices for sale at affordable prices. If we can fix it, the diagnostic charge will be applied to the water damage repair cost.

Cell Phone Repair for Water Damage in Bryan, College Station, and Huntsville


First, remove your iPhone from the liquid as soon as possible. The longer the phone is submerged in a water or liquid the worse the damage.Dry your phone as much as possible with a towel or cloth. Next, turn the phone off. Do not turn the phone for any reason. This will prevent more damage to the phone's internal electronics. Finally, try gently applying heat with a hair dryer. Be careful, too much heat can destroy your device. Place the phone in a bag of rice overnight if the damage happens after the end of our business day. Getting your iPhone to Easy Phone as fast as you can is critical. The faster we can remove the water, the less likely your phone will be permanently damaged. Bring the phone to Easy Phone Repairs in Bryan, College Station, or Huntsville, TX to see how much damage was done and if it can be saved.
Advice above for saving a phone subjected to water damage is not guaranteed to be successful. Water damaged phones that we repair are not eligible for our limited warranty.