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Expert Data Recovery

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In business for over 12 years, we have the data recovery experience, proven technology, and equipment to recover your lost or damaged data from virtually any type of computer. We can recover as much as possible from a dead cell phone or a computer that won't boot up. Even if another shop's technician said there was no hope, we can help you get your valuable files back. Even if they've been deleted or not backed up on your computer, you ask? Yes, there are many processes we can use to recover your data, regardless of how impossible it seems. And we'll do it quickly... within hours--often overnight.

Cell Phone and iPhone Data Recovery

Did a cell phone with important information or priceless photos go dead or sustain damage that makes it inoperable? Easy Phone Repairs has a data recovery team that can help. Our team is experienced in using the same tools and tactics that forensic detectives employ to gather evidence from broken devices.

Tablet and iPad Data Recovery

Is your broken tablet or iPad holding data, documents, or photos that you need to access? Easy Phone Repairs has data recovery experts ready to come to your rescue. No matter if your phone is broken, water damaged, or just will not power up for unknown reasons, our team has the skills and tools to recover your important data.

Computer Data Recovery

Are you unable to get data you need from your computer's internal or external hard disk drive or or solid state drive? We can fix it! No matter if your computer or drive is damaged or if you just accidentally deleted files you need, our computer data recovery specialists can work around the issue to access the critical in your computer's data storage device. Our techs will get the data from your broken computer's hard drive and put the recovered data on a new external hard drive purchased from our shop or one that you bring in.